Dec. 2014 - New product announcement IGBT Module

APD's 1200V IGBT Modules are perfect for Industrial DC Inverter and Uninterruptible Power Supply application.

APD also having IGBT Modules are pin to pin with Infineon, Fuji, and Mitsubishi …etc. products

Advantage of APD’s 1200V IGBT module

1.Compact size with excellent heat dissipation capability, maximum lcm = 150A
2.All in one design, integration of IGBT,FRED and 3 phase bridge for compact size request of inverter.
3.Realize 750 to 2.2KW inverter design within same design platform

Typical Applications

1.Inverter for motor drive
2.AC and DC servo drive amplifier
3.Uninterruptible power supply

As for the detailed electrical characteristics.