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Absolute Radiant Limited (ARL) based in the Silicon Valley of the United States was established in 2007 and has become prominent in international community benefiting from its geographical advantages. ARL is a semiconductor power chip R&D and design company registered in the British Virgin Islands. The design and R&D center of the group headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, and the operating headquarters are situated in Taipei, Taiwan, building the brand of "APD". In the industrial revolution of "informatization and digitization", we have deeply understood and grasped the industrial development opportunities provided by the huge demand for hardware virtualization and electrization of motor in the domestic and global alternative energy markets, and have been well positioned and formulated a successful strategic plans in advance.

APD has foreseen the market trend and opportunities, such as semiconductor power chip mechatronics, digitized frequency converters in appliances, intelligent electric vehicles, etc. All these have been showing that global energy saving and emission reduction is an inevitable global market trend, and it is unstoppable! In the highly complicated situation of industrial informationization and digitization, we have completed the R&D of electromechanical power control switch modules, to realize hardware virtualization and electrization of motor, as well as to provide a better integration solution to power and electronics for the market.

Absolute Radiant Limited(以下「ARL」シ称エペ)ゾ2007年ズユヰэЗ領дみЖ⑦諸島ザ半導体е③みХЧк研究開発設計会社シウサ登録イホ、本部設計研究開発Й⑦Уみゾヤфэロ/Ёэヵ⑦дяみズ拠点メ置わ、ガウサ運営本部Absolute Power Device(以下「APD」シ称エペ)メйь⑦Эシウサ台湾/台北ズ設立ウネウギ。世界中ゎ“情報化、ЫЖУю化”ズ特化ウ、現代ソ主ス産業革命ソ中、マホマホゾ国内外ソ代替リбюヰみソ市場ズれんペгみЭヨリヤ・


Absolute Power Device

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